Dan Shive
Skyrim - Horrible Shortcut to Illusion Might

My current character in Skyrim is a very powerful enchantress (any shock that my character is female?) who has decided to master all the magic as best she can now that she can make outfits that will negate all magicka cost when used properly

Thing is, she’d gotten very far without ever using Illusion, and most of the enemies she would now face would be immune to her low-level Illusion spells, so how was she going to level up Illusion without it being a tedious nightmare?

The answer was as simple as it was positively horrifying.

Step 1 - Don apparel combination that reduces Illusion cost to 0.

Step 2 - Locate a low level wild animal in a secluded area of the wilderness.

Step 3 - Cast calm on the wild animal, making it relaxed and passive.

Step 4 - Cast fury on the wild animal, making it uncontrollably aggressive.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4 until Illusion is high enough to buy more powerful illusion spells.

So really, it’s as simple as giving an innocent animal wild mood swings that will undoubtedly traumatize it forever. Your Illusion skill will level up quickly, but at what cost?! Well, none, because it’s a video game, but if you’re roleplaying, you’re not doing it right unless you are overcome by guilt or laughing maniacally.

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