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Today’s the day I start following the Game Grumps tag on Tumblr! Wait, what is this? Pole dancing lessons? Why are these showing up in OH GOD

Sarah imagines a LOT of wardrobe malfunctions when she plays, doesn't she?

You can safely remove that “when she plays” part and still have an accurate statement.

Nice touch hiding the eyes of the Angel on the latest comic. In Magic: the Gathering lore, Angels are creatures of pure white mana and have empty soulless eyes. Archons, which have a similar role (but are male instead of female), always have their eyes hidden by a hood or a band. Were you intentionally going for that sort of things?

I, uh…. I was mostly trying to make him look sorta bird-like with featherish hair, actually… ^^;

When you say you hadn't technically designed Sam when he was introduced, did you mean you had a character named Sam in mind but hadn't designed his appearance, or did "Sam" only come into existence at all because you liked the design? Just wondering.

The former. I had a character named Sam with a particular important characteristic in mind, but I hadn’t designed him beyond that at the time I drew an extra I wound up particularly liking.


It’s a brand new Monday and the sun is high…

Story -  EGS:NP -  Sketch

It’s a brand new Monday and the sun is high…

Story -  EGS:NP -  Sketch


I like pairings.

Not all pairings are sexual.



E-mail notification of being mentioned in a post is nice! Know what would also be nice in that e-mail? AN ACTUAL LINK TO THE POST

The best Tumblr themes are the ones that leave you with NO IDEA HOW TO LIKE OR REBLOG POSTS