Dan Shive
Do you think there'd ever be an epiphany too important to put on hold for card games??


In Thursday's comic (07/24/14) How are you supposed to read Grace's line in panel 2? Sarcastic/honest/bored?

Very sarcastic. Rick Moranis fans should not take offense, however. You’d turn on him too after having the same movie on almost every Friday (and sometimes on repeat).

I cannot believe this, Daniel Shive. Having Sarah question her sexuality, having Tedd realize he's genderfluid, and finally introducing a love-interest for Justin all in one arc?! My heart is fragile, and this might be too much. How dare you? (This is meant to be positive feedback delivered in an angry tone- the internet makes it difficult to interpret tone)

Thank you, but to be fair, Sarah’s sexuality WAS put on hold for card games.

Based on the July 9, 2002 comic,Tedd didn't know Elliot was actively dating someone, who turned out to be Nanase, before he started dating Sarah. Why wouldn't Elliot have told his best friend he was dating? How long were Elliot and Nanase dating before Elliot invited Sarah to the martial arts school? How did Elliot manage to be dating anyone without his best friend finding out? T:"Wanna come over later?" E:"Can't got a date." T:"Really, since when?" My guess is all of their dates were impromptu.

2002 plot holes sorta live in their own little world. There’s no way I’m gonna fill them all.

Of course. in the EGS universe, change blindness can even apply to changes to one’s self.

In fairness to Justin he's not likely to notice a change in something he has no reason to look at very often. Familiarity with the subject of the change affects change blindness. I have faith Tedd would notice.

There’s no need to “be fair”. Change Blindness is a freaky phenomenon that could mess with anyone’s head even if they are familiar with the person or thing they’re looking at. I myself gave an example where I was asked to notice what was different about someone (who had shaved their mustache) and couldn’t in spite of them being someone I basically saw every day.

That said, Tedd still would be more likely to notice. It’s definitely not a certainty, however, particularly if she does it after Tedd has already just gotten a look at her. Seeing her for the first time in a few hours, he’d probably reassess her current visual state, which (I assume) would mean he’d notice significant changes.

Then again, it’s totally common for people to not notice new haircuts right away, so who knows.

Grace at her most evil is morphing herself when people aren’t looking and finding it funny when they don’t notice.

Grace at her most evil is morphing herself when people aren’t looking and finding it funny when they don’t notice.

"Hey, Justin. Hey. What’cha doing? Thinking about boy kisses with Luke? Are ya? Huh? Asking for a friend."




Only if Captain Janeway were also in this episode.

Seconds before another of Worf’s humiliating defeats.

So apparently there’s an EGS Reddit page

So if you Reddit, you can Reddit it up EGS-style. I don’t personally reddit. In fact, I’m not sure if using “Reddit” as a verb is acceptable. Perhaps one day. But for now, this is a thing that exists.