Dan Shive
2500! WOOT!

Many, many thanks. I look forward to August having a ton of new EGS content.

I will NOT, however, be adding a 3,000 milestone. It’s tempting, but I already have a lot of rewards to keep up with, and it’s the 28th. I’d rather encourage people to keep contributing whatever they can / feel like next month to keep the EGS:NP train going in September.

Incidentally, the comic post was posted last night. Crazy, I know ;)

In which Justin is all like “dude, my name is Justin!”
(Actual comic dialogue may vary)
Still Contemplating Facebook Group

I’ve already made a page, which I think was a good idea. Everyone on FB can see that dealie without having to sign up for a group.

The group, then, wouldn’t be for posting about new comics and the like. I don’t need to be posting update links on two places on Facebook (one’s already like “just how many places am I gonna announce new comics”?) It would instead be just a place for FB fans of EGS to hang out and chat about stuff.

I dunno. Could be fun for peoples. Let me know your various feels.

After searching compulsively through recent comics, looking for changes in Grace, it seems like she's taller in Friday's comic than in May 2nd's. Was that right and are there any other changes?

Oh dear. I’m afraid I wasn’t actually playing around with change blindness and Grace prior to it being brought up. Sorta wish I had, now ^^;

Wait, I’m confused. I heard Facebook groups had a limited membership size, but I just saw one with 230,000 people in it. EGS doesn’t have THAT many readers ^^;

Facebook Page

After hearing about group size limits, I decided to just make a Facebook page instead. Assuming it doesn’t create headaches for me, I’ll keep it around. Or, more accurately, I’ll keep the ability for people to post there around.


I technically made an EGS Facebook group a while back, but I never made it public. Is that something enough people to make it worth it would have interest in?

Does Grace's magic extend to her clothes now or did she get a fancy watch that helps with the issue of clothes not fitting after minor shape changes?

She just wears relatively stretchy clothing.


Grace is a national treasure. (From El Goonish Shive)

Awesome :D

Classic Commentaries next month

I was originally going to unleash all the Patreon earned commentaries all at once, but given just how many there are, I’ve decided to space them out a bit. My current plan is to post X classic commentaries every weekday, with X being (total commentaries / weekdays in month) rounded in some way.

There’s 70 (!) new commentaries earned thus far, so with 21 weekdays in August, that’ll be 3-4 new commentaries every weekday. They will be linked to from the bottom of the main comic commentary, along with links to new sketchbooks and EGS:NPs.

The sketchbooks will be more sporadic, as they will in large part depend on people’s requests.