Dan Shive
Sketchbook Milestone Modification

I’ve modified the 2-3k milestones to just say “color sketchbooks” (this does not affect the remaining milestone sketchbook to be posted this month, which will still be story comic sized).

I feel making two of them have to be story comic sized is both limiting and making them unnecessarily time consuming by default. This way, they can be whatever I want to make, which I think is much better! Of course, I *would* think that, but I’m hoping people agree :D

Have you considered going back and adding the "this is canon" to previous EGS:NP storylines that are canon, such as "Not a date at the mall"?

I’m considering it.

EGS:NP Now! Rest Later. For Reals.

Not sure if I’m still tempted to go the magic prerelease. I have a lot to do, I want to rest after last weekend was very much no rest at all central, and I’ve had a chance to look at the cards. I mean, ye gods, there’s gonna be a lot to keep track of this set. Counters. EVERYWHERE. It’s a chance for my treasure chest full of tiny 1d6 to shine, but if I’m tired… Sleepy magic is difficult enough without the convulsion I saw ^^;

Are you going to be going to the MtG pre-release this weekend?

Whoa. Um, I wasn’t going to be, but now that I know it’s happening… Maybe? I’m a bit behind schedule, so I don’t know if I can, but I actually should. i need to get out more :P

Well. "Man hating feminist" is definitely going to open a can of worms. I wonder how many people sent you messages exclusively because of that line.

I have received exactly one message commenting on that! This one.